And this…this is creative!

And this…this is creative!

Benefits of website chatbots

Let’s take a closer at the benefits of website chatbots.

Chatbots can scale to answer unlimited queries

Live chat has a fundamental restriction: the number of customers you can help with live chat is limited by the number of humans that can respond to live chat queries.

Chatbots do not face this restriction. Yes, chatbots have other restrictions – there will always be some queries that chatbots cannot answer.

However, for a large proportion of customer questions, chatbots can deliver useful, accurate resolutions.

For common queries, chatbot functionality offers unlimited scalability at spectacularly low cost.

It’s easier to retain customers when you can respond 24/7

Large companies can hire support staff that works around the clock. For most medium and small businesses, 24/7 support is simply not realistic.

Without around-the-clock customer support, businesses will simply lose money: customer can’t complete orders or get so frustrated with unresolved concerns that they never return.

Website chatbots can provide a fix in a large proportion of customer care cases. And even if your chatbot cannot resolve a customer issue it will alleviate a customer’s concern to at least some extent.

Crucially, chatbots can ensure you capture orders that would otherwise be captured by a competitor.

Your business can save money with chatbots

As we said earlier, many customer requests are very routine in nature. Chatbots can process these routine requests at a fraction of the cost of a human operating a live chat client.

Furthermore, chatbots are much more responsive. Customers don’t need to wait in a queue for a human operator and don’t need to wait for humans to ruffle through customer information and rustle up a response.

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